Tuesday, January 30, 2018


welcome to three series. gasp!.

2017. i really feel like a sloth. but then when i look again at the resolutions i wrote early last year, surprisingly?!! i achieved most of it. so now i see the important of resolution and target. when i feel down and feeling like rubbish, actually i achieved somthing. wehhuu!

so this year resolution. haha a little bit late. but lets do it!
since i just transfer back to semenanjung, finally! to start fresh and new all over again. lets do something meaningful this year.

1. to loss weight. i gained weight like no body business in sabah. so it should start from kitchen. i must cut down junkfood. and eat more healthy food. drink a lot of PLAIN water. target weight 65kg by june.

2. jaga mata. jaga hati. jaga iman, jauhi zina. jaga ikhtilat. (this is serious :|)

3. keep silent if u hv nothing good to say. jaga hubungan dengan manusia, jaga lidah. jangan cakap merepek bukan bukan takde isi dan menyakitkan hati org lain. kurangkan mengumpat, gossip, backbiting, etc.

4. financial. (we'll see later about this)

5. get a way from social media. i challenge myself to delete twitter/ig/fb the whole one month trial period in February. lets do it!

6. i still cant see my future in relationship and carrier. (we'll see later about this)



i may add on the list, but currently i cant think of any, i dont want to make a list just because it is a list. i want to make it happen. this is a promise to myself. my last year resolution on 6, and i achieved 4 out of 6. so this 4 things.. lets do this 1st.

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