Saturday, May 16, 2015


Dr sharif says: aku rasa kalau ada orang propose kau, kau akan cakap, i like you too but ... with 1001 lame excuses to reject.

I dont know why out of random he said that, but im afraid its true.

Monday, May 11, 2015


i love resus, so much. perks of being a leader, little bit unfair for me not put myself at green zone. thats why we have rotation to do schedule among us, so not only me did the bias schedule everyweek. i wish all my shift at resus.

last night was ok. non stop 3bells ringing from starting the shift and last bell at 4am. i clerked 5 of them. i feel satisfied. try to manage by myself but little cheat because i did not diagnose by myself. senior ma came brought the pt; dr, pt croup. i examine and manage. but u know, spoiled because u get the dx tht lead you into.

u you know what hit me, everytime pt coming, especially in resus. imagine the situation, life threatening condition outside the hosp, ppl will said; cepat bawak ke hospital! and when they reach to hospital, for sure there is a slight relieve, at least u know u're in safe hand. there is somebody to help you. the key point i want to say is.. we have something, the skills, the knowledge, to treat. Allah heals. we the doctor only medium to help. im glad im a part of it.

kata dr H, my EP, patient datang bawak pahala. rezeki ok. its our opportunity to treat them. thats how we learn. i adore her so much. i want to be like her. and i really enjoy everytime on the floor with her. i want to learn as much as i can with her. everyone know how jonah she is. everytime she's on the floor, confirm full house with extension! some ppl will complain. but thats how u learn. u're pushed to ur limit and see how u control the situation. how u calm urself. how to take the responsibility. how u train urself to work fast. and importantly, to manage to be a safe doctor.

i do enjoy my time in ed. tired, but i learned a lot! esp to build up personality, and attitude. and the knowledge i gain. banyak jugak complain sebenarnya. sebab penat. tkde cuti lansung except if u apply for it and ur postcall day. tiba-tiba rasa mcm 1st poster yg manja mengada nk complain tak tahan kerja 80hours per week. no, sometimes u just reach ur limit. thats why i need to say out loud to let things off my chest. but the fact is, i love my job.

1 month left. mixed feeling. aaa tak nak tinggalkan hkl! i got sabah btw. and i plan to appeal. sedih nak hbs ed. bosses are awesome! most of the specialist are humble and really inspires. and the mo too!. and i established good relationship with them. kalau dapat teamwork yg awesome, mmg sgt awesome. tak nak assessment. malas nk isi logbook. tak nak uruskan placement, malas nk fikir future. and paling sedih nak habis houseman is leaving my soup family. *sigh