Monday, February 9, 2015

my boss ask me to write a report for our trip. so here it is.

30-31Jan 2015. 
It is a Pasca Banjir Mission 2015 organized  by collaboration of Emergency Dept Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Jabatan Kebajikan Negara and Jabatan Hal ehwal Org Asli?. 2 full days involving mainly at Kg Orang Asli; Kg Tohoi and Kg Pasir Linggi, Gua Musang, Kelantan.
The team has left after launch ceremony by Dato’ Shahrizat Abdul Jalil; Minister of Women, Family and Community development and  Prof Dato Dr Abu Hassan, head dept of emergency  Hospital Kuala Lumpur from SACC building Hospital Kuala Lumpur on morning of 30th January 2015.
Main aim for this mission is to provide medical services to the local people, distribution of basic needs; which included items for personal hygiene care, household items, cleaning supplies and school supplies. Provided water purifiers, beds, mattress, pillows and blankets to the villagers.
As for the medical team, lead by our chief himself Dr Alzamani with the strength of 7 medical personal, our mission is to provide the medicine to the needs, mobile health check up and ensure all children been given multivitamin.
Minimum obstacles were encountered as the flood has subside tremendously. Roads were clear. Nevertheless, the damage made by the flood were all there for us to witness.
All in all, the drive was long and the work was short but we had fun. and were given the opportunity to help and that, is more than enough. We just hope there is a difference made, although super small hopefully bring few smiles on their faces.