Monday, October 27, 2014

Banana leaf

Postnight shift on saturday. Finished shift at 7am and randomly went to breakfast with Hazri, Ida and Masherra at Raju's. 2nd time at Raju, with same people. we had a big breakfast! with fish, prawn, lamb, and squid. the fried fish and squid are something you would die for. Omg it is so good. 

total damage: rm110 for 5 people. quite expensive though. but i think its worth it.

Then when i told them i never had banana leaf before so here we go again for lunch, after random saturday trip to zoo negara. at Panni, just beside Raju's.

only half of the dishes. not in the pict; ayam goreng, ikan goreng, sotong goreng and curry! surprisingly total damage only half than our breakfast (for four ppl). 

so, banana leaf restaurant: check. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

not so lonely.

Finished oNg! Omg i fell in love more and more with this department. Last month posting in gynea, i did enjoy it. Though few things happened made me regret; my decision, my action and mistake ive done. small mistake, big consequences. I signed result of hb 7 and didnt do anything. And that pt was planned for op on the next day. Staff nurse just randomly asks me to sign and i didnt review it properly. My bad, my mistake. :( What my boss said made me regret even more; 'hani what happened? I just about to trust you.' Tsk. Its funny how one little mistake can ruin everything. Its hard when your job dont allow you to make a slightest mistake. Make a wrong choice or decision, you'll live with it forever.

My end of posting leave, here i am. at The Dus*n, Seremban.
Escaped from city. Away from work, hospital, annoying people, traffic jam and everything.

Omg this place! Beautiful and magnificent! Back to nature with good company. quite expensive though. but i think worth it. 

Now im in ortho. Tagging, lagging. Everyone are senior posting. Everyone are really good. Think like a boss, act like a boss; which kinda annoying, bossy around, act like knew everything, and racist. Pfftt!

Whatever it is, bring it on! I told my colleague, what doesn't kill you make you stronger. She disagree with me. She said MI doesn't kill you, and only make you weaker. Lol.

At certain point of life, when you have own job, ur own life and you are too comfortable with urself. All things here are so true for me. Sometimes when i ask my friend to hang out, all i get are 1001 excuses or ignorance that made me annoyed and i dont ask anymore. so, rather than getting hope for disappointment of rejection, i prefer just go out by myself and do whatever i want or wait for people to ask me out. and usually i just hang out with my fav ppl that made me happy.

Last week i had a company for dinner and movie. It was really awkward because it has been awhile i go out with someone, to watch movie especially. i always watch movie alone. I dont know if im ready for any commitment. I dont like waiting. I dont like restriction. I dont like someone (who are not my boss) giving order to me. I dont like other people control my life. i have limitation of human interaction.

not that i want to be alone, forever alone all the time. i still have my girlfriends, my soupies, pd clan, geng tingkap and colleague, etc. but, i think there is a dosage that i can tolerate.

Too comfortable to be alone. Tsk. (Which is not good i guess)
somebody please find me a boyfriend.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Selamat hari raya haji

photogrid hari raya

pagi raya. because face selfie is too mainstream. (pada muka yang tak mandi)
petang raya. still muka busuk jugak. lulz.