Friday, August 29, 2014


Drained. Been working straight for past 3weeks. Finally got 1 day off. Wehuu! Nak complain asyik penat kerja pun tak berbaloi sebab nak tak nak akan kerja jugak and continuously do the same routine sampai.. bila pun tak pasti. i wont quit my job, for now or anytime soon. Really short no of ppl now but life still so far so good. Tired body mind and soul. Pmsing some more. 

The perks of having awesome friends; oh cuti, nak g pd? -jom! And stat went to pd. 

Spend the day dgn buat assignment di tepi pantai sepanjang hari dan bermalas-malasan. ohh nikmat dunia.

After dinner going back to kl and odw home saw 1 of our friend's car beside the road at random street, his car broke down and other gang were there too. so random!. batolian penyelamat kereta. then we lepak at our usual place till 2am. random night on weekdays which we rarely do, everyone are working coming morning but just enjoy the moment and each others companion and didnt event realize time flies.

Later I arrived home quite late and have to work coming morning, but still.. im glad i have a good day and well spend with familiar faces.