Tuesday, January 28, 2014

big step.

thats the feeling when your bestfriend tell you she's getting married.
and within 4 month?! why all of sudden?

and i cry, of course.

i dont mind at all when saw all my schoolmate, my colleague all getting married.
i mean we all grown up.

but when its totally different feeling when it happened to your bestfriend.

the same feeling when my sister left me to Sabah. *sigh.

ppl changed when they get married. i've seen it before, a lot.

so not ready. 


Thursday, January 23, 2014

my present

selfie project.lol.credit to KakMi.
btw i just learned a new word today. while we're lepaking at mamak; talking, catching up as usual and ice breaking with other few new ppl join us (not so few of 5 tables), out of random topic we discuss, then Ida says; Hani she is like that. shes eccentric.

my 1st time i heard that word though. went back home, i google it, and.. i dont know what it supposed to mean.

haha. bye.