Thursday, October 24, 2013

escaped II

short break.12hours roadtrip. it was awesome.

we hv planned to visit Amy in PD weeks ago. unfortunately my super emo leader wont tell which day I'm off so i cant decide if i can go or not as my friend only off on Monday. so when my schedule released on Sunday, i just knew that i got that Monday off but my friend already has a plan.

but.. on Sunday night we decided to continue with the plan n go to PD after she finishing her errand tomorrow.

so roadtrip. yeay!

its really makan angin santai2 roadtrip.

we're supposed to meet up at Zoo but then sudden changed of plan. so I pick up a friend at Subang, long way lost, but safely arrived at UPM. waiting for another friend to finish her errand. had tour around the veterinar faculty and visited animal museum, then headed to Cyberjaya for lunch. pick up Miss Ida otw, had nice lunch at Padi with rain in that afternoon, drop back our lunch company at Lim Kok Wing and straight away to PD. 

we went to this 1 private? beach. tersorok and away from public with no one's there. and a lots of trees. someone excited already brought together tuna and coffee, with picnic mat. 
its so damn cool and relaxing. just remind me a little piece of Alex. 
picnic, mandi pantai, laughing, sunbathing, relaxing.

and Amy came join us after she finished her work around 6. waiting for sunset and twent to Amy's place. dinner and lepaking then headed back to kl around 11pm. 
thank you Amy for dinner and hospitality. 

otw home, around midnight, we stopped by visited Kicap. Kicap is a horse btw. a big horse.

we had fun. so much fun. a lot of joy and laugh. 
thts wht really i need at the moment. away from work and stuff; I'm tired. 
escaped from my routine life and hanging out with super cool friends.
(though somebody has doubt about that; how a stoner, a hyper and a tomboy? will be on a roadtrip? haha.) our 1st trip together and well... its a good combination though. :p

safely arrived home around 1.30am and i hv to work coming morning. super tired, and happy.
thank you guys.