Sunday, March 17, 2013

2 weeks of life

alhamdulillah so far so good.

off tag already!
tagging is for newcomer. for u to learn everything. 7am - 10pm everyday. sehari dua boleh tahan, tp bile berterusan sampai sepuluh hari tanpa sehari pun cuti, memang penat! and its not exactly 10pm. sometimes u hv to stay till 11+. you hv to clerk 1st case in the morning and rotate with other colleague in the shift. luckily? i got busiest medical ward in hkl. they called it a war zone. really hectic. but in the bright side, a lot of opportunity to learn.

but so far im grateful to have very supportive colleague, nice MOs even kind specialist in my ward.
1st pt i clerk and present it to my specialist; he saw me stuttering and not very fluent present the case, so he clerk the case again by himself and i just re-write again what he said. tak marah pun.
my MO, esp dr M is super nice to me. for every mistakes i made, she didnt scold me. instead she teach me the right way how to do it. so that im not afraid to ask, and learn. i think im improved and getting better.
and my senior colleague really does help me a lot! hani, come here nk belajar buat ni tk. hani lets do this together, hani come i'll help you. they're very nice. and after 10days of tagging, they're also the one who give advise to request off tag from specialist. kesian kot, penat weyhh. some even say, kalau tk larat sgt nk blk tido g je, nanti kitorg cover. :') now i know i hv good support system. but we're all not in same boat. some are pull weight together and some rather to work alone. so i know who i can be friend with.
i only hv courage to ask my boss after day12. and its approved! but in the other hand, off tag means you're on ur own. u just start ur responsibility.

and since we're graduated oversea, agak ambil masa utk custom dgn system kt malaysia. drpd kt egypt yg lansung tkde system dgn malaysia yg sgt systematic. seriously i dont know how to document everything, how to write a memo, how to clerk and review, how to refer case, how to fill up the form etc. dapat mo yg baik nk ajar memahami ok la. tp yg sebaliknya tk terima alasan masih tagging dan hidup baru beberapa hari dlm medical ward sakit la kena marah. cuma mampu tadah telinga. (yup i alwys use that excuse for everythng i didnt know and for mistake i've made. haha) but its only work to some ppl.

for the procedure, i think im quite confident on my own. but not with the plan. still dont know wht to do. usually i just ask senior colleague or waiting for mo to review. also i dont like to made a phone call. in case need to refer and inform something to mo/specialist, it give me chills to the bone to call them.

they said the 1st 2weeks is the toughest part in HO life. so now i survived. alhamdulillah. i not even cry during my tagging. there was a moment i almost shred my tear in my 2nd day of life, then i just laugh. and the moment go away.

so currently,

im adapting and swallowing.
try to accept things as it is and keep the momentum.
still able to be positive.
hope i'll be remain positive.