Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a new phase.

today is my 3rd day in HKL. so far so good. alhamdulillah. masih belum officially masuk kerja lagi.
1st two days cuma orientasi. kami newcomers 17 org; 10 org dari alex :D with others 80+ senior HOs from 2nd, 3rd even 4th poster orientasi bersama.

seriously mcm sambung ptm. dgr talk 8-5, minum pagi n lunch is also provided, and not to forget ada aktiviti kumpulan. mingle with other senior HOs, get some advice and there was a session during group presentation where everyone has to introduce him/herself at the front and give a comment about HO-ship.
whether it is true or not, but somehow it give a good impression. HO in HKL is not really bad.
from wht they've said, they enjoy it. only the 1st 2weeks in tagging is the hardest part and the rest, is ok. all pain of hard work is gone at the moment u got ur salary. lol. saw they're having fun, lot of laugh, not really stress etc and warm welcome to be a colleague.. are meant a lot. i say we're quite having fun during the orientation.

and today. the 3rd day meeting with timbalan pengarah; Dr Ding, fill up A LOT of forms! (we spend almost 2hours just for briefing how to fill them) and tour around the hospital with sister nurse.

btw Dr Ding says something really made my day.

when she called upon my name, she looks at me and her 1st impression was;

"your look seems you can survive everywhere. the enthusiastic face that we want to show to our pt everyday."


ohh. hope i could maintain the spirit.
da survive hidup 6 tahun yg mencabar kt mesir kn. so segala halangan cabaran dugaan pasti boleh diatasi!

pengarah HKL also graduated from Alex U. despite its a good thing, i think for sure there is certain amount of expectation. isn't?  hope all of us can perform very well. iA. sure we can.!

tomorrow i will start my 1st posting in medical. lets pray for the best.
looking forward to practice medicine and learn new things.


Saturday, February 23, 2013


perasaan bercampur baur. tk pasti gembira tk dpt HKL. ape2 pun inshaAllah ade hikmah disebaliknya. nak hospital besar kn, nah. pasti dpt peluang belajar dgn banyak. hopefully.

risaukn penempatan. tgh cr2 rumah lagi. hostel da takde, da dipindahkan ke setiawangsa. lagi jauh. so memang kena cr tempat tinggal kt luar la. haigoo.

and only 2 DAYS post-ptm (program transformasi minda) utk prepare ape yg perlu sebelum mendaftar kerja, really not enough. i wish i get more time.

but thankfully Alhamdulillah ramai se-Alex sama dpt kt HKL. and it gonna be fun!.

enjoy masa lapang sebelum sempit. tajdid niat. start fresh.

everything will be fine. inshaAllah.

another phase of life. da kena pandai2 la bawa diri.

kata sahabat handai, semua org da besar.


but im still daddy's little girl.

i love you, dad.

Friday, February 1, 2013

little panda bear

current most played. comel sangat.
cuba jadi annoying utk upload file autoplay, unfortunately ade problem settting flash player.
I practically raped the replay button.

yes, to my little panda bear(s) out there, i love you.