Friday, January 25, 2013


  • woke up early morning. 
  • start the day with subuh mathurat and kahfi. 
  • enjoy the silence. listen the birds chirping and waves from the shore. 
  • laundry and housekeeping. 
  • lighting a scented candle
  • ke pasar
  • and spend the rest of the day at starbucks.
my definition of perfect friday.
all my escaped therapeutic fav things to do on my fav day.
and the best-est smell i had in a week; smell of fresh laundry, clean house and scented candle.

oh blissfull.

i missed those routine.

25 Jan
-2nd anniversary Egypt revolution.
-happy 25th birthday Syafaf!

penat dah jd penganggur! 

Friday, January 11, 2013

minor surgery

abang was admitted to hospital for ritual circumcision under GA dt ADHD. and he was admitted a day before the procedure to do blood investigation and fasting for at least 6hours.

alhamdulillah abang's 1st case in the morning, so wouldn't wait for long. dt GA, it took 3hours for the procedure which usually only 15-20min using LA. after regain conscious abang still drowsy and complain about pain. he refuses to eat and drink. i insist him to drink since his last meal was 9pm on the day before and no IV saline. unfortunately after half an hour, he vomits. he vomits 4 times this afternoon of everything he took.

abang moaning about pain all the afternoon. kakak tolong saya kakak. sy sakit. help me kakak!.  i try to give him comfort and hug him. but cant help myself, at the same time i cry. :'(  luluh hati.

dr comes to review his case at 3pm, order saline&dextrose, antiemetic & pcm. and abang has to stay for another night in the ward. i ask abang to eat and feed him. and at 8pm he vomits again. dr gives another dose of maxolon but abang still vomiting though no more food intake. he vomits 3 times at night. then dr gives the 3rd shot of double dose antiemetic.

the next day, alhamdulillah he's getting better and request for food, which his body rejected all day yesterday.  and no more vomiting. dr comes review abang at 3pm and abang can be discharged. yeay.
thank you doctors and nurses.


  • i rule out peds. cant help myself not to cry see all those small creatures suffer from pain.
  • they made a rule for reasons. that's why doctors are not allowed to treat family members.

p/s: i got the job! got offer letter from SPA earlier this week.
called kkm for induction and they dont hv a date yet. can be end of january or in february. just pray for the best. it has been 5 months already since last day of final exam. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013


fish village near the fortress
jog and cycling along corniche road
passing by mediterranean coast everyday to school
breathtaking scenery from stanley bridge
watching orcestra at theater on windy cold winter
enjoy breeze at shore on summer night
catching sunrise and sunset everyday from the window

blissful isn't?

how could i not miss this city?