Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm leaving on the jet plane

the last sunset.
im leaving egypt for good today. mixed feeling. i feel sad, i feel excited, and in the upper hand i feel relieved! im done! 6years is not short duration of time. too much memories.
to my great support system, dear girlfriends and sisters, bestfriends, batch-mate, colleague & great ppl i've met along the journey; you're going to be missed.

and last  few days i spend my time to say good bye to dearest ppl to me.

have a good day with dr safwat & sisters the day before. i told dr safwat im leaving and he ask me to join him at hosp. i didn't even finish my packing but how can i say no? just met him this summer and i hate the fact that i didn't met him earlier. he is a great & awesome person, ever. i can spend 12 hours straight at hosp with him and didnt even notice time flies. and hv been attched with him only 3 times, but it meant a lot.
i come at the morning and told him i hv to leave at 4. he used the time wisely and taught me as much as he could. when i excuse myself to leave, he try to withhold me few times. oh i hate to say good bye. i did cried when i left.
then spend the rest of the day with my dearest sisters. i've been with them for 5years! we're really close. im gonna miss them so much.

and yesterday, met nour, attia & noha. they made surprise for me. terharu :'). they ask me to cancel my flight. ha ha. and sparrow said i belong to miri. oh!

i had enough to deal egyptian. im sick with the attitude of non-civilized un-educated local ppl. so far i've met bad ppl more than good ppl. i dont know why in my final year i had a lots of trouble to deal with egyptian; which more than i've met in last 5y. really sick of it! never feel safe living in here. the only place i think slightly relief only at university when only my colleague and  doctors around; which are educated, civilized and well mannered ppl, though not all of them really are.
yesterday noha apologize to me for what their ppl did to me. i told her about all those taking advantage rude manner on foreigner things. somehow im glad i met a good ppl like them. so that i not only see the bad things in egypt. it feel so grateful when u meet really good egyptian.

great teachers and friends ive met along the journey.. thank you!. it will be a good memories.

Once you drink from the Nile, you are destined to return – Old Egyptian proverb.

Saturday, October 13, 2012