Saturday, September 29, 2012

summer holiday

less than a month to stay in Egypt. mixed feeling
rase sedih, at the same time tk sabar nk tinggalkn alex. i've been far away from home for too long.
6 years abroad + 7 years in boarding school are not short duration. and 6 years in egypt?! is more than enough. i dont think i can tolerate with them anymore. not all of them, but most of them. and the truth, i never feel safe living in here.
quote from friend;  Live long enough in Egypt to not be able to recieve any act of kindness without being suspicious.  so true!

i had great summer. spend one and half month productively. i think i've made right decision not return back this holiday. did a lot of things, didn't even notice time flew so fast.

daily routine. morning outpt clinic from 9-12, ER medical or CCU cardio till evening. ER istikbal or obgyn afterward till night.
spend about a month at cardio clinic then floating to medical dept; mostly in chest. and GI, rheuma, endocrine, hepatobiliary or sometimes in general medical, general surgery, peds surgery and neurosurgery till afternoon.
except on thursday, go straight to ER surgery with onco dept because diabetic dept on duty at medical ER. they're not really friendly and i dont learn much with them. and only 1-2 times per week i stay at ER or obgyn.
so i spend most of my time at medical this summer. i think i fall in love with medical. it may includes in the choices other with ER and obgyn. ha ha. i've never imagine myself end up winding in ward clerking pt.

spend most of my time at hosp. met new ppl, learn new things, improve my clinical skills. and the most important thing i've learned is, attitude.
we dont usually see the right things until we see the wrong one.
some dr can be so ignorant. and mayb they dont even aware of that. they're very excellent doctor. the explanation, the knowledge u gain from them are totally great. but how are their attitude to the ppl around? to the pt, to colleague, to nurses and other medical staffs? there are always hierarchy in everything. age, rank, seniority, etc. but being a doctor doesn't mean u can look down to the ppl lower than you.
  • you can always ask instead of giving the order
  • take ur little time to give explanation or excuses rather than ditch & just leave them. 
  • always respect ppl more senior & elder than you regardless their classes. 
  • do ur work sincerely
  • dont be selfish. help ur colleague & others as well. you cannot just said; thts not my work, i dont wanna to that. or, thats not our job, we hv 3amil to do it. like, really? its not sumthing like we dont know how to do or low class job whatsoever, it just helping ppl in need since you're just standing there crossing hand over ur body. 
treat all pt as a human being. my fav resident once told me. be nice to pt and they will let you do anything. couldn't agree more. even if u made mistake they will not rise their voice to you. its been proved!
sometimes dr can be soo ignorant. like; im highly self esteem, im confident with what im doing. i know everything, i know wht i do. i did this hundreds times. this just nothing as only simple procedure/ not serious disease etc.
just spend a little more time to ur pt for brief and explanation. even simple procedure as taking blood pressure; simple greeting and explanation would mean a lot to them. and you can easily gain respect from ppl with such good attitude.
just saying. i may only can say it right now, but in the future, if im in their shoes, hopefully i can keep maintain the good attitude.

i hv my own attitude problem, i hv commitment issue with certain ppl in long duration of time. i hardly attach with the ppl im not engaging. i dont like to work with ppl i dont feel comfortable with. i dont like ppl attached to me. im prefer to work alone. and usually i can just simply ditch them. i know its bad, cant help myself. need to work myself with that. thts also ignorant ok hani..

met new ppl open my eyes to the world. see good doctor. bad doctor. excellent & ignorant doctor. i learned a lot from them. simply just watching them. whatever it is, thank you for those ppl, i've learned something.

just coming back from shatby tonight. im happy. they made my night. i'm gonna miss them.
saw this 1 pt, did her CTG. and FHR is 50!. dr Z did emergency CS to her. he open her up within 10 minutes, and done less than 30min. he's really good doing his job. 1 of the most beautiful incision & suture i've ever seen. and he's really an excellent obgyn-ist.

and thank you kdamia. for the great summer i've spend with you. learned a lot from you as well. she's really excellent; academically and attitude.