Friday, July 20, 2012

ramadhan kareem

alhamdulillah dipertemukan lg dgn ramadhan tahun ni. tersentuh jgk hati minggu lps bile ade dpt berita beberapa org meninggal. 1of them is my former 2ry school teacher. bukan sbb sakit. nyawa ajal maut kt tgn Tuhan. bila2 masa saje Allah boleh tarik.

tkde rezeki nk rase awl2 puasa.  maybe la rase mcm boleh spend byk masa utk study. tp tk jgk. dysmenorrhea je da burn da 1 hari. kurg best pun sbb dpt rase jiwa kosong. mase nk exam lagi2 la rase emotional unstable perlukn spiritual support.

cuakk tgk soalan surgery! semua mcm nk jawapan panjang2 je. ada kebarangkalian tk cuma 5 soalan n 1 soalan 10 markah? scary o. da 2 hari tk boleh nk fokus sgt study. alahai la. 2 hari study peds tk hbs2. da move on hari ni start plastic. cuba jaya utk hbskn plastic hr ni. surgery mcm da byk kali je bace. tp.. ntah la.


looking forward for atayif & tarawih at gami' ibrahim. n  i miss obgyn. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


another half way to go

alhamdulillah. finished with internal medicine today.

most stress exam ever! almost break down. I cried few times last few days. and only Allah knows how am I feeling on that moment. seriously. the final of final. too much pressure. a lot things to read in short duration of time. done with written and mcq exam last 2days.
and today clinical OSCE exam. any case can come out in the exam. and as if like, u're 6th year, u soon gonna be a doctor and u need to know all everything. like EVERYTHING.

i dont know if i did good.
1 clinical case examination, and 1 problem solving questions. 50marks each.
case: i got diabetic pt. alhmdulillah. took short history and only done a little bit examination as being 2nd last person in the room, the pt already agitated want to leave. not so fluent answering the questions and dr guide for most of the questions, hv some defect and also few questions i really dont know the answer. like, what is mechanism of liver cirrhosis in type 2 DM. and i really forgot about diabetic retinopathy and white nails.
but still..alhmdulillah. all praise to Allah.

and for problem solving. renal case. RPGN. paucy anca autoimmune.

huhh da hbs. doa byk2 Allah lembutkn hati examiner bg kami semua lulus utk final ni. aminnn!

btw lps hbs exam nmpk Dr samir in the same room examine my colleague. he look at me, and smile. i hv good history in round and exam CCU with him. somehow i'm glad saw him today.

huhh. relieved! lega sgt da hbs internal medicine. take a rest tonight and will continue another half way with surgery. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

6th year FINAL EXAM

the final battle.
hopefully dpt stay on the track, n tajdid niat selalu utk exam kali ni.
semoga Allah permudahkn segala urusan.
minta maaf segala silap salah.
mohon doa drpd semua..

all the best batch 06/12.