Thursday, April 12, 2012

when was the last time you did something for the first time?

status friend of mine on fb just now. and i would like to share mine here. :)

it is today! a lot thing happened for the 1st time, or has been a while since the last time.
  1. attend the lecture of anorectal anomalies by Prof  Dr Sameh Shehata. he is very famous well known intelligent surgeon btw.
  2. successful withdraw ABG  sample. yeay!.. yeay!. hehe. it has been a while. try to withdraw ABG few times before, and failed.. i loss my ABG sensation hand already. cant stop smiling after did it. 
  3. attempt to do urinary catheterization in female obese pt. 1st time for this month. failed btw. another house officer try to do it, she also didnt get in. at last the resident got it.
  4. insert urinary cathether in male pt. this is my 1st time here in egypt. im shaking while doing it. ape tah lg when there are 3 other male drs watching u did the procedure. awkward. but i did it!
  5. assist doing wash for bladder by tomy syringe as no urine after inserting the cathether. haha cuak at first then glad when saw the urine outflow.
    [2-5] thanks to dr mahmoud ;)
  6. eat gibnah makliah (fried cheese) for the 1st time since last 3 years
  7. buy fathirah shukulatah from spicy. 1st time for this year.
  8. eat pulut kuning with rendang ayam. 1st time here in egypt.

and the rest just normal routine i did everyday. thats all. not really fruitful. but quite satisfied. and im happy.

move on. lets discover the world. still hv a lot to learn out there.
and there must be first time for everything.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

mid sem break.

let the pictures speak by itself..

sangat gemuk isn't? *kononla rase guilty*. tk masuk gmbr nasi jagung, sambal sotong, ayam goreng berempah & chocolate chip cookies lg.
pms. cant help myself. and i cant say NO. :P

btw, someone is turning 1? haha. last week. happy birthday dear. :)