Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A friend in need is a friend indeed

A friend is someone who truly cares
A friend is someone who's always there
A friend will be there in times of woe
Talking, laughing, and sometime letting go
Times alone we sometimes need
But coming back we will do indeed
There may be times we may not agree
For you are you and I am me
We may argue because of that fact
But our power of friendship will bring us back
Cause the love in our hearts we feel inside
Is not something we would ever hide
So come to me in times of need

Cause you my dear always have a friend in me.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


29/03/12 final osce internal medicine

do pray for us.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


  1. hold my tongue from unlawful utterances. eg telling lies, gossiping, backbiting, slandering, scandal mongering
  2. each day, give something good to others
  3. behave myself
  4. kawal nafsu
  5. prioritize the priority
  6. not being selfish
  7. heading toward maturity
  8. be humble
  9. spend more time with books
  10. spend wisely
walk the talk hani. do pray for me!
kawan2 tlng nasihatkn sy, tegur sy silap sy. iA cuba terima sebolehnya n cuba perbaiki diri lg.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Gemini and Independence

"Gemini are extremely independent. They will not be pinned down by anyone or any rules. They need to experience the world on their own. Change and freedom are extremely important to Gemini, they will never let anyone dictate them, they are extremely independent and freedom is essential to their mental well being."

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

bright and shiny II

oh my. sorry cant help myself.. happy gile kot hari ni. i know i exaggerated sumtimes.

da 4 hari demam. rase serba tk kena. rase nk escaped. and today i decided to follow my gut and go to O&G. semangat. i miss obgyn. i miss to watch labor. i miss to do pv. i miss the smell of fresh newly born baby.  pergi dlm pkl 5. ke outpt dulu, borak2 dgn nurse. igt nk stay kt outpt boleh buat pv, tp sebab dr tk kenal, segan. tgk 1 case je; abortion. blighted ovum n terus ikut masuk dlm.

masuk2 dlm terus nmpk dr azab.  hidayah, right? :D and dr abd zaher and dr bidur and dr tarek. semua dr kegemaran ade. yeay. pt kt labor room ramai tp semua 1 finger, 2 fingers. alahai. duduk2 je tunggu tgk2 ultrasound, ade refer case dr miri, discuss case dgn dr, usha2 eager HO br, lol. and naik atas sekali tgk cs dgn dr shawky. case menarik, breech lat left position. dr buat buat incision kt uterus kt left. and ade manouver jaw flexion shoulder traction. rare tau.

then masa da kt bwh tgh tk buat ape2 tiba2 dr shawky tanya, nk assist dr bidur buat CS tk? chehh reply buat muka cool je kn dpn dr, nk. dlm hati melompat2. terus naik atas dgn lajunya kn, tk menyempat.

oh my!! heeeeee. basuh tgn dgn iodine, pakai scrub and sterile glove and i  assist dr bidur. for the 1st time i hold the uterus, freshly sterile instrument; rase panas lg. and newly born baby fresh from oven. penuh dgn vernix caseosa. masa kena bwk baby ke neonates rooms, cautious sgt sbb selalu terbyg ape tau, masa bwk baby tu tiba2 tjatuh. hishhhh. jauh, dlm 10m ade kot. berdebar2 bawak baby. dr tanya2 jgk, ape name type of suture, ape yg dr tgh buat. nasib baik boleh jwb. nurse; shereen n dr bidur guide every single step ape yg nk kena buat. wee!. seronok.

da siap, tgk dr bidur buat E&C. rase gritty sensation of the endometrium. tk suka. ngilu. then dr azab panggil. hidayah, scrub in with me. :D again. dr azab buat laju gle kot. skjp je da siap. boleh la rase beza assist dr perempuan n dr lelaki. tlng assist pegang forceps waktu nk cut rectus sheath & peritoneum. widening the sheath, yg adegan selalu nmpk dr tarik sheath tu dgn sepenuh tenaga, kuat jgk tau resistant die. then baby keluar, bwk baby pergi bilik neonates. hold the uterus masa nk bersihkn then close. uterus, peritoneum, rectus muscle, rectus sheath, subcut fat, subcut tissue, skin. layer yg paling penting: uterus and rectus sheath, kena buat double layer continous suture and hold thread tarik kuat2. liable for hg and abdominal hernia kalau suture ade defect. check any bleeding point in every layer then hbs close, letak iodine & plaster.

da pkl 10 igt nk balik, turun bawah skjp tgk ade rezeki 3 cases NVD serentak. tgk skjp 2 case. da pkl 11 blk.

oh my. gembiranya. hari ni dlm sejarah. for the 1st time assist delivery. 2 cases CS. hoho. ade org senyum sampai tidur la mlm ni. :))

Saturday, March 3, 2012

osce CCU

alhamdulillah. the exam went well. okla~ 2cases:

1. chronic heart failure with chest infection.
auscultate the chest, differences of cardiac asthma & bronchial asthma, drugs to decrease mortality in chronic heart failure.

2. case RTA.
discuss CT chest and brain. lung window, mediastinal window, hypo & hyperdense, hg, ischemia, infarction, consolidation, pleural effusion, etc.

tk suka bile dr expect more and tanya, and.. and.. and.. what else? da sehabis enumerate semua causes da. and another 1 thing bile dr expressionless. bg jawapan betul atau salah dr iyakn je jgk. scary tau. tp ni okla. round sepanjang minggu cuma dgn 2 org dr je, Dr atef & Dr samer. n exam pun dgn mereka. so cm da kenal dr, dr pun baik. mayb dr evaluate masa kt kelas jgk kot.

CCU best. sbb dpt buat ABG almost everyday. and ramai dr in scrubs. :P met the dr that i always attached to at ER in CCU. i though he is ER's dr. dr toha. seronok la bile dpt attach dgn dr yg da kenal. i mean cm, kurg barrier kot. mcm bile jumpe dr asmaa, dr sara, dr hussein or dr dahlia kt ER. atau dr doha geriatric kt towarik batnah. dah gain trust, so dr let to do most of the things. lg best.

3 weeks left. next: hepatobiliary, DM & cardiac. how fast time flies. what did i do?
i just remember dr latiff's talk during the summer camp last 2 years.
driving force of life. what drives you? kalau matlamat jangka panjang, after life. syurga. mencari keredhaan Tuhan dlm setiap perkara yg kte lakukn, mengharapkn syafaat Nabi, berharap dpt jumpe baginda kt akhirat kelak. and for matlamat jangka pendek. ermm.. nk jd dr. an excellent one. n berbakti kt mak ayah, keluarga and masyarakat. hopefully niat betul. so ape je yg kte lakukan utk mencapai matlamat? kdng mcm terpk ape je la yg aku da buat. kena selalu tajdid niat blk dgn setiap perkara yg kte lakukan.

everyone has different way to live their life, isn't? for me myself, im kinda lone ranger, dependent, tk suka rely on others or whatever it is (if possible), and i'm not making plans, i always made sudden decision. thats me. dont blame me for who i am. or make me to follow ur plans. and be what u expect me to be. and ask me why?. i really can't give u the answer.
tk boleh nk ckp, tk paham knp ade org mcm ni. everyone are different. be positive and try to accept them. or just walk away.

and being nice to someone u dislike doesn't me u're fake. it means u're mature enough to tolerate ur dislike toward them.