Sunday, February 26, 2012


lesson for today:

if u find a pt with very weak pulse, barely to be felt. and the resident ask u to get the abg sample. here some tips. 
  1. try first. 
  2. try it again. 
  3. find ur colleague that can may help u
  4. get a help from nurse (but it depends on their mood)
  5. try femoral a (if not in exposed place)
last resort, if u're in crowded place, the pt cannot be uncovered, no colleague to help u and the nurses are emotionally unstable on that day. just leave u on ur own, u may need to insert blindly to radial a.

here. give a try. insert the needle blindly 45 degree between distal head of radius and flexor carpi radialis tendon.

dont rush to ur resident and say 'im sorry dr, i didnt get it'. u will lose the trust, i told u.

today, at ER. I got 1 pt. very weak pulse. i can barely feel it. and he come with  annoyingly protective family members. as the pt is conscious, with family members around and i'm not really confident, so i ask the nurse to take ABG, as other HOs are busy on that moment. 
but suddenly the family members questioned why the nurse took the ABG??! they want a doctor. 
and nurse emotionally just throw away the syringe though she already got few ml of blood. 
HA HA. speechless. i dont know what to say at the moment. 
i give myself a try. but i really cant feel the pulse.
luckily, find other HO to help me. and he taught me this lesson. he did very calm and easily!
with 1st attempt he got the blood, successful arterial blood.

woaahh. impressed!. i should try next time.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

everything i do, i do it for you.

currently most played. ohh i fall in love with bryan adams's.

my dear future husband, dedicate this song for me pls.. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

2 weeks holiday

holiday is coming to the end. :( i want more holiday. tk mahu blk sekolah.

seronok cuti. heaven tk pikir ape2. and aktiviti penuh. cuti yg bermakna la juga kn. tkde sehari pun yg cuma stay kt rumah. rutin harian pergi ER or obgyn on alternate day, makan, tido, hangout with girlfriends and sisters, n i've done LASIK. 1st appointment post lasik, my visual acuity 1.2. yeay!. n skrg just continue topical antibiotic and eye drops for a week. then tunggu next appointment next week. tk study lansung pun. da namanya pun cuti. adela SG 2 kali. and the only book i read, ramlee awang murshid, fiksyen 302. tp tk hbs lg sbb takut nk bace sorg2 kt rumah, cuma bace ble keluar. haha.

pergi hosp mase cuti ni lg best sbb tkde time restriction. boleh dtg and balik bile2 masa tkde ape2 komitmen lain. and boleh stay berapa lama suka. da dpt attach dgn residents n nurses. for the 1st time kelmarin, i handle the case by my own. i did the investigation on toxo pt without supervision or attached to any dr. 12y female pt, she took high dose of theophylline. i did ABG and ECG on that pt. ABG dpt mixed blood O2 sat 84%, tk sure interpretation mcm mane and ECG normal je. bukan resident yg kenal sgt and dr tknk discuss case. so tk tahu ape further mx. mayb mcm discharge je. sbb pt pun stabil.

ulang rutian harian yg memenatkn setiap hari ade limit jgk. ade rase penat, rase tk larat. tp sbb semangat and minat, boleh la masih keep on moving. dont give up. jgn rase penat atau bosan. ble tgk byk2 case lg igt and bile tgk byk ecg da boleh identify the abnormal one. tp tk tahu detail interpretation sgt lg.
btw here the nice website for ecg & abg interpretation quiz.
buat more practical tp tak tahu theory pun tk boleh jgk. tp sy malas bace buku. mcm mane?

seronoknya cuti. tknk blk sekolah. nk pergi obgyn lg. nk buat pv byk2 kali lg. n misi tk tercapai, tk dpt nk assist delivery. dr da offer da. rugi.

oh result sem lps keluar last week. for subjects forensic and family med. alhmdulillah. i pass. not excellent or very good. only pass. tu pun da lega alhamdulillah. i never put high expectation on my result. lulus pun da bersyukur sgt2. ape tah lagi nk aim dpt A tu tkde la. n congrts red dragon.

tinggal esok, last day of holiday. then back to hectic life as med student 0800-1400, 6 days per week for the next 6weeks. final sem, final year. really? huhhh.

thme song for the day. fine! if u want throw me out of ur life. ok maybe im exaggerated a little bit.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the power of salam

salam & smile.
a good deed. sunnah. meant a broken heart.

and destroy the barrier.

really. spread the love and i got stitch someone's face last night.


Saturday, February 4, 2012


laser assisted in situ keratomeliusis

sudden decision. i decide on tuesday. go for check up on wednesday, do the operation on thursday. and today, on saturday, tadaaa! shine and crystal clear. :P

frames in dr hazem's clinic. not so random pict, br perasan gmbr IOL.

last pict with glasses

kamen rider. LASIK done! it was only 10 minute  procedure.

post operation.  i can barely open my eyes. -.-

so, officially spect-less and contact lenses-less.  =D

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

eruption of 3rd molar


gigi sebatang demam berhari2.

tk boleh tinggi lg da. :\