Thursday, October 20, 2011

sumpah hipokrit

cakap lebat memang hebat. tapi serious tak boleh pakai.

not you, the other half of you.

so that's it. the end of the story.

there comes a point in life when you get tired of chasing and trying to fix anything you could and the fact actually you really dont need to do that. because whatever you do, they just dont need you anymore.

how i wish you could stand on your word. and again, im wrong.

oh its hurt!.
i shouldn't trust u. sumpah menyesal sampai mati.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


finally.. final year in med school.! tk perasan laju masa berlalu. cuak, excited, mixed feeling.

and this sem we start with forensic and toxicology. nice and very interesting subject. and hope the exam will be nice too.

today the 3rd day of class, my friend and i stayed after class at ER.
seriously im longing to do T&S since after elective course at hosp banting. and today we got the chance to do it. though only did 1 stitch on the scalp, awesome! and we did ECG with not so perfect almost broken ecg machine; too many times lead error, need to change 6 chest lead with only 1 pump, and used the machine manually. it took more than half an hour to complete 1 ECG. seriously. and we took a lot of blood pressure, manually by steth & sphygmanometer.

i think today we're lucky, because rarely we got the chance to hands on pt. all the houseofficer and specialist icu dr are really nice. they help us a lot. and some of them are my friend's colleague, so got some advantage here.
i love when we got instruction to do something by superior. i.e can you do ecg? pls take the pt's bp, pls ambu the pt.. it means we gain the trust, isn't?
and congrats to my dear friend for her very first stitch and ecg today. you nailed it.! 

oh i missed so much to do practical hands on patient thing.

safely arrived home at 9pm. you know the feeling when u're very tired and cant do anything except lying on the bed, staring at the wall and smiling.. because ur day filled with something meaningful. very exhausted. and fun.! thank you partner in crime and our egyptian colleague. :) we need more practice. looking forward for the next trip.

after elective course at hosp banting i thought ER in egypt will be no longer my fav place.
 but maybe not.