Wednesday, August 24, 2011

officially end of 5th year

officially, we end our 5th year! yeay! alhamdulillah. no more eye bag.
and the question of urosurgery exam today is soo typical surgery, should hv already learn from the mistakes of general surgery last year, right.

perasaan bercampur baur lps exam. rase sangat penat, tk sabar nk blk msia at the same rase tk nk blk jg and teruja hbs da tahun 5! like, wow! nk masuk final year da. huhh. rasenya ble hbs exam tahun 6 nanti mesti rase sedih kn, all the memories together in med school. lagu casey-seribu impian tiba2 jadi background music.

exam kali ni boleh masuk categori plng mencabar sbb summer + puasa + tgk semua org U lain and junior2 da blk msia dan da dpt result pun + circadium rhytm plng tk betul. last night i only slept 2hours n still couldn't get any sleep till now. terlalu penat kot. tgh tunggu masa je nk rebound sleep tgk boleh tk pecah rekod 24hours/day masa ophthal dulu. 

and spend the rest of the day with beloved one. blissful. 

lusa blk msia. mls lg nk packing. esok la. slmt mlm dunia.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

emotional incontinence

how i wish to be there with them right now. 

lg tension ble call byk kali tk dpt. tsk tsk.

examZzzz. Emosi tk stabil. T.T

Friday, August 12, 2011


"never regard your study as a duty. but as enviable opportunity to learn the liberating beauty of the realm of knowledge for your own personal use and to the profit of the community to which your later work belong"  -anonymous-
(i know you read this, if you still remember your quote mr.)

let's strive for the sake of our future patients.

bahang semakin terasa. da mula tk senang duduk. cuakkkkkk. 3days to go.
do pray for us. semoga dpermudahkn segala urusan semua org.
all the best Alexmed 06/12. may Allah makes everything easy for us.

Friday, August 5, 2011

elective obgyn

hbs da 10? hari elective obgyn kt shtby. tentula sgt seronok.! all time fav subject. tp masih pk2 lagi nk ke amik obgyn? bebanan kerja sgt berat. hari tu tegur dr azab, 3 hari da tk blk rumah stay kt hosp. memang miserable la tgk. tk tahu la mampu tk kalau betul2 nk jd obgyn-ist.

btw nk share few interesting cases.
  1. 25y G1P0. quadriplet. GA: 21week. come for ANC. examination: fully dilated cervix. thus = abortion. mx: termination of pregnancy. dr deliver all 4 viable fetus by vaginal delivery. tp tk boleh nk buat ape la kn sbb tkde equipment kt nicu utk support fetal maturity. kene let go je semua. tk dpt full hx sbb emergency dr outpt. tk rase pt undergoes induction utk multiple px tu sbb umur muda lg. sedihkn.
  2. GA: 21w. vagina examination: 3fingers dilatation, 50% effacement, semiform. fore water rupture. u/s: single viable fetus. memang nmpk ade heart beat. ini pun same consider as abortion jgk. n more dangerous sbb fore water rupture can cause infection lead to chorioamnitis. mx: admit to hosp and induction of labor by ecobolic with umbrella of antibiotic. sbb br 21w so tk perlu risau rupture uretus sbb fundus level bwh umbilicus lg. so boleh je if pt tk perlu admit. if >24weeks, kene caution ade possibility for rupture uterus pt memang kena admit.
  3. GA: 32w. cx dilatation 2fingers. mx? dexametasone for 48hours with tocolytic. mula2 tk paham knp kena bg tocolytic? bg je la ecobolic terus deliver cpt sbb kalau 28w pun boleh hidup ape tah lg 32w. dr kate, no. we need the time that 48hours for action of dexametasone for fetal lung maturity. 
  4. knp PET kena buat CS? tk pernah terpk ape indication, mechanism for CS. mcm strong fact, asal PET=CS. dr kate main mx for PET ialah TOP. so mane2 boleh either NVD or CS. cuma CS lebih jimat masa than NVD. seriously tk pernah tahu. igtkn sbb PET CI utk NVD. 

byk spend kt labor room bwh & outpt. lots of u/s. and dr ajar amik sheet simple and senang je. tkde byk2 & complicated mcm blajar kt theory. belajar theory memang paham. tp ble dpt case tk reti nk manage. ble discuss case br lebih paham theory.

ohh i'm soo into obgyn. harapannya wktu elective ni dpt assist delivery. hmmpp. tk dpt la. tp dpt belajar in detail pun seronok jgk. the only practical thing i did was fed the infant! haha tkde kaitan pun dgn obgyn. buat pv pun tk dpt. tk pe la, lain kali. doctor da welcome kn dtg la ble2 lg, for sure will come back again 1 day.

berakhirnya elective maka officially start study leave. 10days to go. doakn rajin study & kurg tido. besar dugaan study leave time summer + puasa. 

bye2 shatby.

p/s: they off to haramain today :( sob2.
pp/s: the accusation, it was really hurt. oh why it always suddenly come across my mind??
ppp/s: "the less you care. the happier you will be".

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ramadhan kareem

ramadhan kareem everyone. kullu sanah wantum bikhair :)

alhmdulillah tahun ni dpt peluang ramadhan kt sini. kali terakhir masa 2nd year. rinduu! terawih open air 8 rakaat 1 juzuk kt qa'id ibrahim, atmosphere ramadhan kt sini, kunafa' & atoyif, n semua la.
tersentuh dgr cerita sahabat hndai, ptg 30 syaaban tu nmpk ade accident kt bahr. n org tu meninggal. pakcik tramco mengucap je byk2. siapa sangka ajal die da sampai. tk sempat nk sambut ramadhan tinggal berapa jam je lg. kita golongan yg beruntung & bertuah dpt jumpa lg ramadhan kali ni.

semoga dpt manfaat, rahmat & keampunan dr-Nya.

qa'id ibrahim. tersentuh hati dgn bacaan sheikh hatim. 

odw blk terawih. haha comel. lost penguin in the middle of nowhere.