Friday, May 27, 2011

useful advise

i wish i met this dr long time ago.

da lama tk ke ER. last 3week kot kali terakhir pergi, sbb exam ophtal. n smlm pun diikutkn mcm tk larat jgk nk pergi. round derm straight 6jam dgn clinical round 5 jam. huhhh. nk lagi masuk summer skrg. panas. penat. n derm boring.!

mula2 sampai nmpk ER mcm chaos. tp tk pasti dr atau pt yg ramai. nmpk pelik, kitorg pun mcm tk tahu nk observe ape. terkaku sekejap kt situ. n nmpk sorg je dr yg muka familiar. yg lain semua da tukar dr baru. try to attach dgn dr, tgk2, belajar apa yg patut. sejam kemudian, ade resident br dtg. tkejut, for the 1st time dr yg dtg tegur dulu. dr tu nmpk mcm resident, bukan HO. the best smelling guy i ever smell. seriously.

sbb dr pernah dgn group bdak melayu kt peds dulu. dr ade sebut few names bdak2 group A. o no wonder, mayb ade good impression kot bdak2 melayu pd dr. semangat dr ajar. i attach to him most of the time yesterday and got a lot of precious advices.

"hanin, i dont think you learn anything. if you want to gain benefit during ur stay, stay with 1 pt till the pt discharge. and ask anything about the case from resident."

mcm nk argue. no! i learn something.. tp tk la ckp ape2 pun. memang org jump2 pt. sbb nk stay kt 1 pt je, ade certain procedure amik masa sgt lama. cth amik sheet or tunggu lab result. tk suka dgr c/o pt mayb sbb language barrier and tk reti lg nk guide terus pd dx. selalu dgr complain pt melarat2 n dr pun tkde la nk cut, dgr je kn. tk la paham sgt pun. and case2 yg perlukn consult. and dgn medicolegal procedure nk isi borang, etc. tk rase lg tjawab nk kene stay dgn pt. lame nk kene tunggu.
selalu stay kt ER blaja tgk procedure, tanya soalan berkaitan disease, tu je la kot.

but then i follow his advice and attach to 1 pt. like seriously, i understand more of the case. tp memang tunggu lama. no pain, no gain.

eg. full case: male, 50y. c/o chest pain & dyspnea. post MI, candidate for CABG (coronary artery bypass surgery).
initial mx: sublingual nitrite, O2,  take BP and do ECG.
for cardiac pt, take BP on bilateral limb. because if pt has aortic dissection, difference in 50mmHg.
ECG: site for electrode. on limb. rt UL red lf UL yellow lf LL green rt LL black. on chest 1. 4th rt para sternum. 2. 4th lt para sternum. 3. midway (2.and 4.) 4. apex. 5. 5th ant axillary line  6. 5th mid axillary line.
interpret ECG. tp ni tk paham sgt. dr; boss ER explain in arabic. unstable MI, kot.
mx accordingly. then pt pun da ok. discharge.

smlm byk case best2 jgk. plng byk toxic >10 cases kot septg smlm. melena, hepatic encephalopthy, heat stroke, hematemesis, ischemia, DVT, malingering, trauma from fight/assault, recurrent hernia. n try nk bg IM kt gluteus, tanya dr, dr tk bg. suruh nurse buat. tkpe next time cuba lg. belajar byk jgk dgn dr2 lain. dr2 smlm semua nice.
da pukul 6-7 lagi chaos. ramai gle pt admit. tp tk larat nk stay lg berdiri lama.

ok next time, stick to the 1 pt from admit till discharge. dont give up to learn hanin. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011


da hbs da sebulan dalam round ophthalmology. sedih :(
awal2 dulu br nk bising kn, knp sbln?? u kt msia round ophthal 2 minggu je. skrg da hbs round, rase sebulan tk cukup.

nk skrg tiba2 jatuh cinta dgn ophthal, sbb kagum dgn dr.

dr2 ophtal sgt berdedikasi. punctual. smart. dan elegant. memang kagum la!.
mungkin sbb bukan critical pt, jd dr ade lebih masa utk grooming, kot. lecture setiap hari pukul 8, pukul 750 selalunya prof da dtg. n round pukul 9 sharp demonstrator/ senior resident da tunggu kitorg. dr islam; dr muka norman hakim. hihi. 930 prof da dtg ajar dlm round. n dr islam tunggu kitorg dlm kelas hbs sekali dgn prof sampai pukul 12. n masa assignment, 7-8 org prof yg dtg tgk. mcm dr lebih ramai dr students.

n ramai kot dr yg guna ipad. semua hi-tech. n tgk machine harga berjuta2 kt outpt clinic. slit lamp, keratometry, n ade portable machine sekali utk examine peds, harga 3x kali ganda kot. ophthalmoscope, A/B u/s machine, ret cam, n ade machine anaesthesia skali. wow. dept ophthal plng cantik, mcm private hosp.

fav dr, dr amgad. short slide with very long and brief explanation, yet simple and easy to understand.
dr nehal, special in pediatrics cataract. dr buat sy jatuh cinta dgn peds. look how she present herself, the way she treats pts, luluh jantung. seriously. i adore her.
n kagum dgn dr hisham. he was a consultant of eye globe & lacrimal system in liverpool. but he back to egypt and being a lecturer. n dr hisham selalu buat humanitarian service kt africa. terigt kt surgery dept ade dr pernah ckp, an excellent dr will serve in their own country. ni la org ckp hujan emas di negara org, hujan batu di negara sendiri.
our caring beloved coordinator program, dr faten. senior resident in our group, dr islam. n ramai lg dr tp tk tahu nama. they impressed me.

so far da masuk dept surgery, internal medicine, obstetric & gynecology, pediatrics, tropical medicine, orthopedic, neurosurgery and ophthalmology.

ophthalmology boleh masuk dlm list. but 2nd after obgyn. hehe. andaikn la, kalau ade rezeki tetiba tmasuk ophthal, mayb boleh consider egypt utk further study. sbb tgk knowledge & technology ophthal kt sini, nmpk advanced and far away better.

smlm exam osce (30marks). n hari ni exam mcq (24marks, 48Q). alhamdulillah. ok kot. osce 6 spots smlm:
  1. examine red reflex & retina. explain the steps. diabetic retinopathy. proliferative stage. neovasculariation
  2. examine pupils. comment on pupil, light & near reflex. pathway.
  3. examine IOP. bidigital method. explain the steps, why. other methods.which is better,why. normal IOP.
  4. examine cornea. finding: pterygium. complication. rx. indication of surgery. type of surgery, method of surgery.
  5. examine lens. comment finding. dx:  lf immature cataract, rt pseudophakia. complication of cataract surgery. VA in pseudophakia. cause of decrease VA.
  6. examine rt lens. comment finding. dx: rt mature cataract. other signs. how to examine macular fx.

esok da start dermatology. suka la kn start round at the end of the week. tinggal sehari je pun, bg la cuti. -.-

n post exam, i love girl's day out soo much. very relaxing , fun, exciting. :D

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the news

i don't know how to react with the news.
is't good or bad?
should i be happy or sad?

i don't know. seriously.

i am not sure what's my feeling right now.
but i know for sure, i dont want us to be end like this.


i have learn to let go my ego. my emotion. and you.

Friday, May 13, 2011

untitled 4?

  1. what are the points of sarcasm? just hurting ppl
  2. ckp siang pandang2, ckp mlm dgr2. can't you see me there?
  3. emotionally unstable. i need a hug. and shoulder to cry.
  4. twitter is no longer therapeutic
  5. do everything for the sake of Allah
  6. the only thing made you feel sad is only when you are not studying well
  7. everybody has secrets
  8. i got enough excuses. my bad, i wont ask anymore
  9. ppl changed. everything changed
  10. ignorance is bliss
  11. be mature
  12. not all emotions should be expressed
  13. trust is complicated issue
  14. it is not easy to let go, forgive and forget
  15. my circle are getting smaller. i'm being less sociable
  16. some things are better kept untold
  17. stop whining and complaining
  18. do not be pessimist. stop judging. stop comparing.
  19. have faith
  20. live the life. and enjoy it.
  21. life is too short to live without ice cream. hold the grudge. and wake up with regret.
  22. cry out loud is a relief
  23. i want chilis. pls.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

enam pagi

mentari pagi 
kicauan unggas dan deruan ombak
pertama kali menjejak bumi seawal pagi
kenderaan di jalan kebiasaannya sesak boleh dibilang
 tergelak sendiri tiba di seberang lewat terowong bawah tanah
pengunjung sudah ramai. tk putus tiba 
tk sangka mesir da mula hidup waktu begini 

permulaan hari yg mengujakn 

kalau diberi peluang lagi, sy mahu!

 oh pagi yg manis

tk berhenti senyum sepanjang hari


Saturday, May 7, 2011

spring break

hurghada. here we come! :D 
complete itinerary as requested by joe & abid :P

1830: (210411) bertolak dr alex. superjet le95
0600: arrival
0630: check in BIBA HOTEL, sherton st. le45 per person/night. breakfast. rest.
1000: beli tiket blk, cr tour utk quadbike
1310: quadbike & safari le130
  • 4hours quadbike riding
  • visiting badwi's village: ish, camel riding, tenun carpet, museum exotic
  • dinner
1930: going back to town. cr tour utk aktiviti esok.
2030: take away mcD & going back to hotel.

0700: breakfast
0840: Diving & snorkeling le150
  • 2 pit stop. 20-30min each
  • lunch
1530: going back to hotel
1830: seafood for dinner le65 & shopping for souvenir
2100: back to hotel & Zzzz

0830: sight seeing at private beach~ marlin inn, marina, nadi riyadiin, grand hotel.
0945: GRAND HOTEL. paddle boat & canoo-ing le30 
1130: going back to hotel
1300: check out
1430: going back to alex. superjet le95
2330: sampai alex

5 stars for short holiday. we had fun! totally worth it!

"they say places are different when you go with different companion.."

Thursday, May 5, 2011

sepetang di rumah


tiap kali start sem baru mesti complain bende yg sama. -.-

bukan mengeluh. tknk mengeluh. memang nk sibukkan diri supaya rase hidup lebih bermakna. tp maybe skrg da overlimit sampai rase.. i need a break. mungkin sbb sepetang kt rumah hari ni baru terasa, wa coolnya duduk rumah ptg2. plus masak & makan macam2 hari ni. therapeutic.

baru tiba2 rase mcm serabut. time management tk betul lagi. gelabah nk buat byk bende. kelas arab, study group, ke ER, berlalala. lewat ptg blk da penat. kalau tk terus tido bukan nya study pun. yg pasti priority da berubah. study bukan lagi yg utama. oh.

skrg lebih kpd sikap mcm mls nk ambil tahu. mls nk involve dgn ape2 yg tk berkaitan. rase nk ignore semua bende. rase nk duduk je dlm circle yg ade. prefer kpd circle yg lebih kecil; sahabat handai yg rapat dan adik2 yg kenal je. lebih baik begitu kn.

tk nk da related dgn ramai2 org. biarla kalau org boleh judge sombong pun. da tknk terlalu beramah mesra dgn semua org. sbb ade org bukannya kisah pun kn. sbb rase bila ambil tahu mcm2, lebih terjurus utk rase iritasi dgn perkara yg tk sepatutnya. yg tkde kaitan pun kn dgn kite. org da la oversensitive selalu nk emo lebih2. susah nk jg hati dan perasaan sendiri.

"life is too short to wake up with regrets, love the poeple who treat u right, forget those who don't."

i do really need time for myself alone. with ophthalmology books. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

i ♥ friday


1600-2200 JJwb 11: sushi

 picnic with sisters and sushi time with besties
really had fun today
 girls talk are the best
love you guys. ;)