Tuesday, September 28, 2010


my dear friend,

i'm happy for you. for both of you.
i almost cry when i heard the news. huhu.
now i cant stop smiling for the rest of the day. :)
congratulations again. wish both you happily ever after, iA.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

attachment day 10

semalam sepatutnya da hari last. hari ni dr sabtu. sbb takde buat ape pun kt rumah keluar lg ke hosp hari ni. plus i miss A&E already. Dlm pukul 9, sampai hosp. dr oncall hari ni dr Priscilla. Yeay! Suka kn. Hari2 last ni la baru semua org nk tanya nama. So today, mostly people called me by my name. byk blaja dgn nurses hari ni. Pg dgn kak shanty, ptg dgn kak see, malam dgn kak su. 1 MALAYSIA. Hehe. Ble nk amik darah, kak shanty byk offer nk buat tak? ok la, org try. Abg muslim tgk je an org buat, budak ni da reti tak nk buat an? Haha. Pagi sabtu semua case dengue fever repeat FBC. memang derg kene dtg hari sabtu. Tu je la case sepagi ni.

tgh hari ade ambulance call. Abg faezal pergi. guess case ape?  pt osteogenesis imperfecta. Wow! For the 1st time I saw the case. Tgk deformity long bone of lower limb. the fibula is very thin, like wire?. Xray then tgk takde ape2 frx, okla.

byk blaja dgn kak see (chinese nurse) kak see ajar how to put CBD on female. kate see bg instruction je. beliau kate kene buat sendri, beliau tk boleh tlng. I did it! and dr Priscilla ajar how to off it. Da reti la kalau lps MA/dr clerk case, I took the sheet, and buat mx yg perlu. Abg hafez tlng guide. Eg, take blood for FBC, give IM volteran, label the specimen's form. I gain a lot of confident and do a lot of things by my own today. Seronok la! :D

Ok da cukupla 10 hari kt hosp banting.

I’ve learn a lot and I did a lot of things for the 1st time here. I did VE, set and off CBD on female, suture, set ECG, dressing, give IM, set IV line, take blood, off branula.

It was awesome!

Tyvm to all the drs, MAs, nurses and staffs.
The drs: dr rozita, dr nanthaa, dr lum, dr siti aisyah, dr syamsul, dr Priscilla, dr tan, dr musniza, dr chong, dr santhia.
The MAs: abg hafez, fadzrul, abg shukri, abg shidi, abg asrol, abg khairol, abg faiz, abg muslim, abg syafiq, abg firdaus, abg faezal, abg israr.
The nurses: kak see, kak shanty, kak su, kak quzaimah.
Staffs and PPK: hj yunus, en zuki, hafiz, abg sardy, kak zana, asrin, kak jijah, kak linda, kak azira and semua la! Tyvm!

Friday, September 3, 2010

attachment day 9

Last day of my elective course. Ward round, 1st time ikut dr santhia. Male Indian dr at male’s ward. Mula2 dr suruh listen to pt’s lung. I auscultate the pt then dr santhia tegur Mane kenalkn diri? Mane mintk permission kt pt? dlm exam buat, kt reality tak reti nk aplikasikn ye. And he is the 1st dr asking my name. da hari last br ade org nk tanya nama an. Hani examine CNS of this pt. ha hamik kau, ni br yg btol kene examine CNS. Buat lebih kurg check 12th cranial n, reflex, muscle tone, muscle power. Dlm 15min? I’m done. Eyh da ke? I buat CNS examination more than an hour tau. pastu cm errr? buat muka blur an. then dr santhia ajar.

And we went to see another pt, go examine this pt. what do you mean dr? Examine. take history, do PE, and what is your dx. Seriously dr?? you da 4th year kn. You should have already known this thing. I open the pt’s chart. Hey mane boleh! Haha. Try la sedaya upaya yg boleh. Noure and I bertungkus lumus examine the pt tau. haha. We got our dx, chronic liver disease. Present case pd dr, and dr tambah mane2 yg kurg. Whoa best la round ward 2 hari ni.

Tgh hari td almost da nk broke down, rase mcm da reach ur own limit. Ye la after almost every day stay at hospital 8am-10pm kn. I felt very tired~ Noure yg smlm 1st time stay kt hosp sampai malam pun rase nk demam hari ni. Pukul 3 td noure da blk but I insist myself to stay until night.

Since this is my last day, I have to apply all the knowledge that I’ve learned. Da tgk byk kn, kalau tak buat rugi la. The MAs pun marah nape tak berani buat lg dik? So today I take the blood, I set the IV line, I give IV saline, I did dressing; all by my own. But with MA’s supervision la. Yeay!

Pukul 9 ok da pulang.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

attachment day 8

Pg cm biasa start round ward. Kt ward lelaki ikut dr tan. dpt soalan bertubi2 hah amik kau tak dpt jwb. Complications of dengue fever, name of drugs, Kawasaki disease. Then ke ward perempuan, ikut dr chong. Dtg2 je dr chong kate examine CVS of this pt. Err.. all the 12th cranial n ke dr? no that’s CNS. I want CVS. Hahaha. aiyokk! CNS and CVS pun da lupe ke? Pastu cm pause jap an tak tahu nk start mcm mane. Then dr chong ajar in detail satu2 dr peripheral examination head to toe ke central examination. Hoh. Da belajar je semua, tp lupa da kn. Mcm mane nk jd dr ni?

Kul 10 cm biasa ke A&E. dgn dr nanthaa. Yeay! Suka kn. Hari ni terasa cm competitive? Sbb new group of UM medical students start masuk A&E. Derg same nk belajar jgk just like us but in larger group about 5-6 persons. So cm ramai2 kerumun pt dgn derg sekali. n btw, the dr and MA tak suke diorg. dr kate, korg jgn jg berlagak mcm tu. ble da grad nanti korg semua same level je. hoahh. seriously?? tak sangka dr ckp cmtu. hurm ok lesson, be humble.

Mlm memang penuh sgt! Sampai tak cukup katil. Dgn pt yg ramai. Pastu medical students pun ramai. Nmpk huru hara dlm A&E. memang tak sempat duduk la. Tlng2 ape yg patut, da pukul 1030 blk. 1st time noure stay sampai malam. Jd td ade teman berbuka. Makan mcD. GCB sedap.. and lps hantar noure blk dlm pkl 11 sampai da rumah. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

attachment day 7


arrived home at 11pm. New record! I stayed almost 15hours at hosp today.

Start at 8am in the morning, went to medicine ward. Mula2 sampai terus round tgk pt. then 1 chinese male masuk. He brings steth and book. I thought he is medical student. Then he asks me who am I. o, that's a dr because medical student wouldn’t ask that. Then I just follow him for a while. He is dr chong. other dr at female ward is dr musniza. Drs at medicine are very busy. and nice. they apologize sbb tak sempat nk ajar kitorg.Sorryla tak sempat nk ajar, korg hang around buat la ape2 yg patut. Nice gle an? N sempatla belajar sikit dgn dr chong. sejam round kt female ward da tak tahu nk buat ape.

Then ke male ward. Dr tan, dr vickey and dr? Idk whats his name, another Indian male dr. pt tak ramai. Katil dlm separuh ward je ke kot ade pt. kate sister sejak da takde MO perempuan kt male ward, pt makin kurg. Haha. And if you see dr vickey, seriously you’ll though he is a student. He looks very young, though he is 29. noure and I just spend an hour at male’s ward before we decided to go back to A&E.

Dlm pukul 10 da ade kt A&E. pg tak ramai pts. Sampai takde keje sgt, I did PPK’s work. Stapler  the specimen’s form. Memang takde keje kn.  MA da marah, jgn buat la dik nanti dr igt kitorg buli. Tp nurse yg suruh sbb org mintk, takpe.

Dlm tgh hari bermula la ‘jona’. Non-stop critical  pts masuk. Polytrauma, MVA, n sume la yg kene suture, xray, etc. Non-stop dr pukul 12-3. Memang huru hara dlm A&E. and I got a chances to assist in the most severe case. MVA, male pt, frx of skull, long bone of hand, long bone of leg, ribs. Drs also perform emergency chest tube for pneumothorax, dr vickey authorized the procedure. Whoa. Abg shukri asks me to wear an apron as I’m standing near the pt and there are a lot of blood. Grab glove and apron, and help anything that I could. Each MA handles 1 part of the body, like abg muslim cleans the head. Abg shukri leg, abg faezal chest, abg firdaus hand, dr nathaan and dr vickey stabilize the pt and all of the staffs of A&E dept are working on that pt. Pt was really in the bad condition. I help abg muslim suturing the lesion by lifting the pt’s head sbb pt tak boleh move n the lesion was in the occipital. Though only about in 15?min lenguh tahu. Sakit gle tangan. The most hectic day in 2 weeks at hosp banting so far.

Pg byk ikut abg shukri, blaja drug sket. Route of administration, dosage. For children if PCM X15 and if hydrocort X4. and ptg-malam dgn abg shidi. Seronokla belajar dgn beliau. Dr nanthaa pun ckp if you want to learn, follow him. He’s the best. Yeah. I learn a lot with him. Abg shidi memang ajar cerita semua in detail. Seronokla. Masukkn reigel’s tube, POP, CMR, and yg biasa2 cm amik sheet, take blood, etc.

Mlm pun ‘jona’ tak kurg hebatnya. Byk jgk case trauma. Tgk abg shidi buat CMR kt metatarsal dislocation and I can feel how he relocates the bone.  I did something really awesome tonight. Guess what? I did my 1st gluteus IM, ok itu biasa saje. and I did my 1ST SUTURE on pt by my own. Td da pukul 930pm, igt nk blk pastu ade case MVA br masuk. 23y malay male. fadzrul br nk start T&S;toilet suture. budgetnya nk tgk je, then he offers me to do it. da selalu tgk hurm ok la nk try. Pakai sterile glove and I start my own suturing. Very awkward. Really. The needle must directed to you; inward and downward, and grip the forcep like grip a pen to hold the skin. I did simple stitches. Lock the stitch 3 times by reverse on each stitches. Fadzrul pun ckp apsal nmpk kekok sgt ni, 1st time buat ke? Abg shidi dtg tgk, igtkn derg boleh observe je tak boleh buat procedure, sbb tu tak bg derg buat ape2. Abg shidi ajarkn and suruh bukak blk the sutures I’ve done sbb salah technique, and he teaches me the correct one. fadzrul take over utk stitch yg mula2, then dr nanthaa dtg, let her do the suture. Da ade dr nanthaa, abg shidi, fadzrul, pastu riuh2 lg ramai2 MA masuk tgk. Abg khairol kate, lepak la. Tenang.buat satu2. Nampk sgtla gelabah kn. Haha. At the end, I did it! it was really awesome! It’s about 6 stitches at the dorsal of lf foot. Ok I’ll remember that pt. my 1st suture pt~. 1030pm ok da blk~

Senyum dlm hidung sampai tido :)